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A new year can bring new challenges. Whether your organization is experiencing business growth, adding new team members, or implementing new processes, many times, changes to the business ends up falling on the Accounts Payable (AP) team, leaving you to handle increased volume and complexity. The last thing you want is to fall short.

Now is a great time to analyze your current processes to ensure you can keep up with the demands of the business.

Dowload the powerpoint to our on-demand webinar, as we take you through 10 simple solutions that answer questions like:

"Does accounting/AP receive the invoices from the supplier first or does someone else?"

"Do you have a documented process for entering invoices into your accounting system?"

These 10 best practices will help you build a plan that you can implement into your AP department in 2018. 


“My personal reason to automate was going green, but my motivation for our company was to have all of our information in one place. We have 10 different accounting systems that we have our financial information in, so having everything in one place is absolutely invaluable, especially during an audit.”

Nicole Claret, Director of Cash Management
National Development